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This is a closeup of the stamped engraving of the Lemania logo (upside down - sorry).  As you can see by the gears to the right of the image, there's going to be some problem with a very narrow depth of field.  This is also noticable on the dial shots.

Note that this is approximately 30x life size (depending on the resolution/dpi of your monitor).

If I can draw any conclusion, it's that the movement of this watch is very precisely manufactured - especially when you compare it to the dial extreme closeup.

august 4 2003 20:59:56

Metering Mode : matrix
Exposure time : 0.0100 s (1/100)
Aperture : f/2.8
Focal length : 100.0mm (35mm equivalent: 901mm)
ISO : 200
Camera model : Canon EOS 10D