Light Box
Light Box

august 10 2003 18:03:07  Modified version of Ed Hayes PVC lightbox.

I made mine 12'' x 12'' x 16'', and left the front upper piece out, for maximum camera placement possibilities. Rather than have fluorescent light diffusors, the box uses diffusion filters intended for photographic studio lights. I also left the back and bottom open, so backgrounds can be dropped in and out. I used some black velvet material in these photos.

Lighting is provided by 2x250 watt Halogen worklights.

I may still play around with the design a bit. Things to try out:

- Adding light on top
- Going with a less frosty filter material
- Fine tuning the light placement

Exposure time : 0.017 s (1/60)
Aperture : f/4.0
Focal length : 38.0mm (35mm equivalent: 265mm)
ISO : 400
Flash : Yes
Camera model : Canon EOS 10D